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About the Founder

Compassion, Radical Hope and Forgiveness- A Geniune Community

Once upon a time, there was a man who faced the ugliness and pain of abandonment, betrayal, loss, and rejection. But instead of letting it consume him, he used that pain to be the catalyst to lead others to the path of hope, healing, and transformation. Remember, you are not alone on your journey. There are ladders to help you rise out of your hole of despair.

The Founder's Story

 Welcome to the inspiring world of Robert Bauer, Founder of Sgt. Robert Bauer's Warriors Project (formerly known as Warriors Heart USA), is a remarkable individual whose journey from federal law enforcement and military service to leadership development has left an indelible mark on the fields of leadership and trauma survivorship.

Robert is an accomplished and highly skilled professional with a diverse background encompassing federal law enforcement, military service, and leadership development. As a combat Army veteran, US Air Force Security Policeman, college professor, Board Certified Mental Health Coach, Certified Life Coach, John Maxwell Leadership Coach, and founder of impactful organizations, Robert has demonstrated proven success in various domains. Educational Achievements:

Robert holds a law degree, a master’s degree in counseling, and a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, showcasing his commitment to continuous learning and academic excellence. He is also a Certified Coach in Leadership and a Board Certified Mental Health Coach. As an author of books and articles contributing to the fields of leadership and trauma survivorship, Robert has become a beacon of knowledge and inspiration.  

He was raised as the oldest of four children in a blue-collar and middle-class family, Robert's upbringing was shaped by his highly decorated US Marine father, a veteran of the Korean War, and his mother, a Navy Veteran trained as a hospital aide. The influence of his parents and their experiences as children of alcoholics played a pivotal role in molding Robert's character.​

Robert's life took a transformative turn when he faced personal struggles, including a diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress and a period of homelessness in Charlotte, NC. Despite a night of despair and a suicide attempt, Robert's life changed when someone reached out to him. This pivotal moment became the catalyst for his journey towards healing and turning pain into purpose.​He is driven by his own experiences,

Robert is now dedicated to creating organizations that reach out to those dealing with soul wounds. As a Board Certified Mental Health Coach, Professional Life Coach, and a John Maxwell Certified Life Coach, he assists trauma survivors in mapping out paths to fulfilling lives. Through seminars, webinars, workshops, and courses provided virtually, Robert shares the possibility of a healing journey and imparts messages of hope.​Robert has been called upon to be a keynote speaker delivering transformational messages of hope, healing, and transformation.​You can follow Robert on Instagram and explore the empowering thread, "The Power of Mind Shift." Stay tuned for his upcoming podcast, where he plans to share more insights and stories. If you're seeking healing using biblical principles, register on this website to join the mailing list. Remember, on your healing journey, you are never alone for "a soul is worth fighting for." ​Embark on a journey of transformation and empowerment with Robert, a beacon of hope for those seeking healing and purpose in their lives.

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