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Sgt Robert Bauer (Ret) Warriors Project

Welcome to Sgt Robert Bauer (ret) Warrior's Project, we are a faith-based nonprofit organization that is based in the Washington DC metro area. Our mission is to reach out to those who are dealing with invisible wounds caused by trauma.  Our outreach to trauma survivors; those dealing with soul wounds, will provide them with confidence and direction as they navigate through minefields towards a fulfilling life.  Our motto is "A man's soul is worth fighting for"

Grow Our Vision

At Sgt. Robert Bauer's (RET) Warrior's Project, we believe in a holistic approach to healing. We understand that emotional wounds can be soul wounds and that addressing the body, mind, and spirit is crucial for recovery. We provide accountability buddies and guidance toward spiritual healing, as well as support for basic needs such as food, shelter, and relationships. Join us in our mission to help people navigate life's challenges and find fulfillment.

How We Are Impacting Our Community

The Focus of Our Efforts

Packing Food in Boxes


Helping Those Who Need Us Most

In 2014, I founded Sgt Robert Bauer (Ret) Warriors Project Inc. (formerly known as WarriorsHeartUSA) to create a community of support for trauma survivors. Since then, we have become a trusted resource for education, resources, and skills, helping our community navigate the challenges of trauma. Our mission is to act as a compass, guiding survivors toward a brighter future and a life full of hope and healing.

We Offer support through our programs;

  • EL SALI Ministry-Time2Heal

  • We have established an outreach to those who are living with soul wounds. Through EL SALI-TIME2HEAL we connect with trauma survivors, the people who are dealing with soul wounds from a trauma experience which can be from varying experiences such as criminal acts, natural disasters, or childhood experiences, as well as combat. The trauma can come from relationship breakups, divorces, employment termination, and more.  We have instituted a relationship with where we are offering their courses as an entry point to the healing process. Through biblical principles, survivors can establish a path that will lead them on a journey of hope and healing.

  • OPERATION AMBER WAVES- Our outreach to Veterans who are currently medical patients in a VA AFFAIRS MEDICAL FACILITY in Martinsburg, WV during the holidays.

  • AMBER VILLAGE- Our outreach to the homeless Veterans community. Our purpose is to assist them in finding housing that will provide them with safety, security, and comfort. We intend to build Micro Homes in the future.

  • Solomon's Park- A park that will offer a humble place to remember those who lost their lives to soul wounds. A place to rest and remember.  King Solomon was about Compassion, Radical Hope, and Forgiveness. He was known as the most intelligent man of his time.


The Future Looks Bright

Welcome to Sgt Robert Bauer (Ret) Warriors Project Inc., where we focus on healing the wounds of the soul. Our operations offer valuable information on how to address the spiritual and emotional needs of our communities, and we also work tirelessly to combat issues related to homelessness. We need help with co-facilitators to help with Reboot Recovery courses. We need help in creating fundraising projects, We need help with our marketing and outreach projects Please join us as we build our operations in making our world a better place.

Building Houses
Army Soldiers At Parade

Who We Are

Our motto, " A soul is worth fighting for," is our focus.   One does not have to be a Combat Soldier, A firefighter, A law enforcement, a medical professional, a member of a rescue squad, or a refugee to experience trauma.

Research completed by the CDC (Center For Disease Control) has shown that a parent beats one in four children to the point of leaving a mark on the body, and one in three couples engage in physical violence. In addition, a quarter of us grew up with an alcoholic relative, and one in eight witnessed their mother beaten.

Traumatic experiences leave traces on a large scale or close to home. Shame and guilt set in, and we create secrets that divide and isolate us from others. These traces leave soul wounds, rob us of our capacity to experience joy and intimacy, and affect our biology and immune system. Trauma, by definition, is unbearable and intolerable.

That is the reason we created this organization in 2014.

It is one thing to process the memories of the trauma, but it is an entirely different matter to confront the void-soul wounds in our soul that result from not having wanted, not being seen, and not being allowed to speak the truth. We understand that it is impossible to walk alone on a healing journey. We understand this because we have walked this journey ourselves. 

In this journey, we now act as a compass for those who are trying to navigate through the traumatic minefields. As a Compass, We offer Confidence and Direction.


Navy Soldier

We Are Answering the Call

Only the Best

At Sgt Robert Bauer (Ret) Warriors Project Inc., our mission is to connect with trauma survivors and equip them with the necessary resources and skills to thrive. We understand the hardships that come with trauma and our organization is committed to reversing the crisis of alcoholism, substance abuse, divorce, hunger, and suicide. We offer a supportive and caring community that is dedicated to improving the lives of trauma survivors.

Walking Down Empty Road



"Welcome to our platform! We are here to help you heal your soul wounds and move forward. Our mission is to reach out to as many people as possible who are struggling and provide them with the support they need. Thank you for choosing us to be a part of your journey towards healing."

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Sgt Robert Bauer's Warriors Project

PO Box 4541
Falls Church, VA 22044





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